Thursday, 27 December 2012

some thoughts

I had been getting many kit recently, and I think to myself why is it that guys like collecting toys so much. I been collecting comic, figures and now model kits.
I felt like it is a addiction. I know it can be control but some how I just keep buying stuff.

I remember watching some silly videos about nerds getting to hardcore with their toys.
youtube video

some explanation to make myself feel better.
why do men like toys

Picture from the internet to reminder myself that I do not wish to reach this kind of situation. It a little too much for me to handle.

To be honest I feel happy buying model kits even if I am not going to build it soon but looking at my account and the no. are not increasing for a year set me thinking again. 
It's either I stop buying any more kits, finish at least half of what I bought or maybe earn extra through commission work. 

Time for a new year resolution hahaha.
Build More, Buy Less (BMBL)

Monday, 24 December 2012

Unicorn Gundam Age-2 Destroy mode

Here is my last kit for 2012. My objective this time round was to get some experiences in kit bashing and to clear some HG kits. I try not to spend so much time adding extra details cause I felt a little exhausted. Beside kit bashing, I took the chances to try out shading but it wasn't easy doing it on a 1/144 kit.

What I did for kit bashing wasn't much. Just attached the age 2 wings to the back of age 2 torso. Replace the face with age 2. Added some detail onto the shield and 2 GN sword which can be remove.

After paint and decals, I finish it up with a pearl purple which you will notice in some picture below.

Overall, I don't feel good about this kit because I started rushing through from the paint work to final touch up. However, I am glad to learn a few new things and I hope you guys enjoy the following pictures.

This kit is also for sggunplasociety UC group build. Now, I will slowly enjoy the process of modelling Blitz and Shadow Fox.

Link to this Wip.

Lastly, Merry X'mas :)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

WIP - Unicorn Gundam Age-2 Destroy mode


Got back to this kit 3 days ago, preparing to paint and finish it over the wkend. I face some weight issue with the kitbash weapon and had to remove the barrel to fix it. 

This will more or less be how it looks like in the end.

Friday, 14 December 2012

GunZoid Fever

Thanks to ppl from sggunplasociety for passing me the fever, now I need to control myself from hooting zoids.
The building process for zoid is very friendly as almost each runner is for a certain part where else for gundam, one runner can be share among the rest.
The parts are small and sharp, snap fit tightly and details are really incredible. 

Now I just need to spend some precious time thinking of a idea to build these kits. Thanks Toymaker for letting me join in the fun. Feels like a small boy following 2 big boys.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Head sculpt - 03

Ok... spend some free time in studio touching up and finish this. The eyes... is so badly done in my opinion... haha

Monday, 26 November 2012

My gratitude.

So one day after GBWC 2012 Singapore is over, I would like to thanks some peoples that I had met along this journey that lead me to be able to present you guys with The Red Comet.

First person I would want to thanks is my dear friend Zong Wei. We start this hobby more or less at the same time around Gundam Seed era but I didn't get to train under Sam due to financial reasons.
We will always talk about gundam but he will have more to say just because he is more otaku than I am.

Next person, someone that all local modeller should know is Kenny aka Toymaker. Thanks to the MG Age-1 group build, I learn how to increase the details of a model kit which that is what I wanted to do all along. Think about it, I had been asking him lots of noob questions through FB msg but he never fail taking the time to answer them. Thank you.
Yi Hui aka Waylander also play a important role to me, we might not have any conversation but I remember that he was the winner for new challenger open category at his time. And that it self was something I was looking forward to. Trying to follow his footsteps.
Thanks for walking over to shake my hand, I am really honor with that simple yet motivating gesture.

Friends from sggunplasociety, I want to thanks the usual people like Sliver, Lazyoneeyes, Ongkh2000, Ultimatron, HeeroYuy and Spector1986. There are other more friends but this are the more frequent buddy that will pop by your tread and give you their humble comments and motivation.
Without this forum, I won't be able to see so many wonderful kits done by the locals. So lets work hard together for year 2013.

Friends from HAG and Hobbymate, I had learn valuable lessons from Sam and Joyce. I might not have taken up any of their modelling lesson(ok, I did take up the mech base diorama one). haha, I think I abit thick skin, cause I will bring my kit down to HAW and see if there are any thing I can improve on. I am glad they didn't turn me away because I am not a student of them but instead they will spend time together, analyzing and giving me very constructive comments that not alot of people are able to give. Edmund, the man behind the led installation for my kit. He had help with the installation and connection of the led for my kit. Without his help, the fire wouldn't be glowing so brightly. Thanks you.

To my dear Mum, you will never know how much I love you. I feel bad making my room a mess, stinky with thinner, toilet bowl and basin cover with paint stain, photo booth occupying  a huge space in the living room. I feel I am a very selfish person who only concern about what I like to do but I am really glad that you have been supportive even though I know you don't really like it. haha
I feel that I just cannot live without art.

Lastly, my girlfriend... haha... I can image if I had never started this hobby, how many sweet sweet stuff I will build for you. hehehe...

That wrap up my thanks you list.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

GBWC 2012 - HGUC Sinanju

Here is my entry for my first GBWC 2012, a HG Sinanju was my choice of kit. I wanted to up the detail of the kit and its articulation. Learning new things like creating a diorama with led set up while trying to improve on my weakest point which is panel lining. I also wanted to see if I am able to present a common kit that many people have seen before but at the same time different because of the color I used. You can visit my wip pages listed right below this page to see what are the color I had in mind at the very beginning. I was basically lost with choices but in the end, I decided to pick it original color, red.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

GBWC 2012 - looking back

GBWC 2012 is finally here in Singapore. It been almost a year since I started this hobby. I clearly remember my 1st kit was the HG gundam wing EW. I was using my saving money to get it. Following on was HG deathscythe hell and sandrock. All this was way back when I was just 14. I have no idea that there was things like airbrush and stuff. All I did was snapfit them with the nub still on, gaps everywhere, broken pegs because I keep twisting it. It was so much fun just building it .

Than I stop because it was pretty expensive for me to get 1 kit at that time and focus on my studies.

Than during my poly time Gundam seed was there, and it start my gunpla craze again. I got a few HG kits like strike, dual, force impulse, infinite justice, strike freedom, destiny. And I started to learn how to cut nubs, sanding and painting. However, the tools I use wasn't the right tools. I use scissors, large filing tools and nippon can spray. LOL. I feel horrible after I spray my kit, the paint was so thick, crack appear after it dried. I moved on to re-using my artist acrylic paint. It was better but still horrible. I bought a MG freedom but ever since those sad cases, I had nv dare to do anything to it. My friend and I was thinking of taking up lesson with HAG but I didn't have the money and so, I had to let this hobby go again.

And back to one year ago, during AFA 2011 where I was there to look around I got my hand itchy and bought one of my favorite kit, MG Destiny Gundam. It was that particular moment when I decided I want to learn how to be a better modeller. I bought a few acrylic paints, some basic tools and google was my best friend teaching me what I didn't know.

But there will always be some area where the internet isn't able to teach, that is when experience and asking comes in. Bought a air brush and join a group build organise by HAG, got even more excited after getting to know some people.

And here, right now... GBWC 2012... after all the fun experiences I had go through for the pass 1 year. I decided to join in the stressful fun. There is this sense of achievement that I am feeling right now just looking back at my 1st kit and now. haha... the only problem now is I don't have any places to display my finish kit. too bad... :(

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sculpt and sculpt

I just started getting more excited with sculpting again. Its been so long since I really did something in 3d. Hope I get the motivation and passion to finish this personal project, especially since I am not working on my gundam as much as before. Don't want my skill to get rusty... haha

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Resin kit - Squall Lionheart

Helping my friend to paint this resin kit. The kit it self doesn't have much problem, only issue is some of the recast have holes and it a little annoying to fill them up. Not sure if the chain part  was lost or I need to get it done myself, but I am very lazy to get a small chain for this kit.
There is no base too and once I pin it together he isn't standing flat feet on the ground but on the heel. Trying to attach the gunblade on to the hand is a little tricky.
I have already did some sanding and washing.
I am very excited to paint this kit as this will be my first humanoid resin kit. It going to be fun for me, except for the masking hell.

After 1st round of painting, I still need to add detail in later.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

head sculpt - 02

new sculpt for this week.

I didn't really went to look for any reference for the above 2 picture. So it look pretty bad.

As for this, I was trying to sculpt Vin Diesel, but  I think I am still not able to sculpt char till it look very alike. haha need more practices.

Friday, 26 October 2012

PG Strike Freedom

I had been hoping to get a PG for a while now and been checking around for cheap prices, 
and I was very fortunate to get this for $260. Thanks to Sliver from sggunplasociety.
Thought I should share some pictures of what inside the box. 

Box Art.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

RG Freedom Gundam WIP 01

Gonna start working on this kit. Working on some poses for now.
So far, there are a few area which I don't like about RG is that the seam line are visible even after the Armour is added on. Spend quite a while to clean them up...
not all the lines are deep which might add to my ad panel lining later on.
And lastly, the neck... it so skinny.

I have no idea where I am heading with this kit but I will just list them out and decide on it later.

Change of color scheme - need reference and time to see what nice on this kit.
Freedom and Justice - I need to quickly build Justice up to see how the two looks tgt. Might even build a diorama for it. References... I need alot of references for this.
Weathered kit - been thinking of doing one but feel like doing it on a Geara Zulu instead.

Things I won't want to do are, adding more detail on the kit. It really very detail, I just need to mask for different tone.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

HGUC Sinanju Wip 5

Crazy masking for this week... glad most of it turn out good with only a few area where paint manage to get in. Quickly touch it up on the spot... 0_0

Sunday, 23 September 2012

HGUC Sinanju Wip 4

Phew... I am glad I spend the whole Sunday working on this... even though it is a HG kit... but there are so many pieces that I need to split and group them together for spraying... sure takes time.

For the pass 2 to 3 week, I have been focusing on getting the diorama out 1st before getting back to  the kit. Few reason why I wanna get it done 1st is because I had never try a diorama that involved led and I wanna make sure the idea I have really works before it too late.

Glad to say, I think the diorama is more or less ready. Currently testing out the batteries life to see how many days they can last.

You can see below how it look like with the lights on together with most of the armor parts for Sinanju.

Here a closer look of the emblems. The most problematic piece is the shield. The torso isn't that bad but the shield took me 3 days to get it right... it isn't perfect, but at least I know what to do for my MG kit in future... btw using the stickers provided as a mask works, but not perfect, it leave behind it adhesive part and I don't like it... try using mask solution but it is worse... so the most prefer way for me is - - - After spray gold, spray enamel black and using a fine point tip brush. Focus and clean the enamel paint away. At first, it was tough... but after a few tries... I get the hang out of it...

Another piece I work on yesterday, I am thinking that the black right now might be too out of place... Need to work on these again... 

Friday, 21 September 2012

head sculpt

Have been trying out zbrush for the pass few mth and have to say that it is a very powerful tool for a 3D artist.

It might be confusing at 1st but if you can understand how to use any other 3d software, Zbrush is actually pretty similar...

I will be playing around more often... hope to find my motivation to do more sculpting at least an hour each day.

this was done roughly within 2 days.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

HGUC Sinanju Wip 3

Progress on my diorama. After going through a few testing with what ever I have in the pass week, I have decided on how my diorama is going to look like. I didn't want just a normal diorama to make the model look good, but I wanted something that can tell a story or at least look like there is something going on instead of doing a default pose. I personally feel more enjoyable posing a char if not I am not giving the articulation any justice. Although, there are some cases where a default pose really look good... but it just my preferences... I feel the urge to pose it and make it feel alive... haha... I also want the diorama and sinanju to have a good composition. So with that in mind, I started working on it every 1hr per night.

1st, get the right base and start applying wall putty and styrofoam as a foundation.

After getting the foundation ready, I start adding small scrumps of stryofoam to break the even shape. Follow by apply the white glue tissue paper on top of the foam to hide anything that look like foam instead of rocks.
Finally, added the glue + sand mixture over the base. mostly tackling areas like holes, flat surface and ground area.
Did take any photo in between cause my hand are fill with putty... YEAH...

Let the base dry for a day and start spray black as a base coat.
I took this photo in the toilet to let the smell air out, instead of putting it in my room...
Ta daaaa... this is what I have after that.
One super cool thing that I wanna share is this.
Sukerukun clay. Why I say it is super cool cause when the clay dry up... it get transparent.
I was searching for something like this in ART FRIEND for a while until I got to know this from GOOGLE. Went to do a quick search where I can grab a packet of this clay in singapore and WOW...  I am so lucky... the shop is located just around my working area.
Just in case anyone is interesting to know where to get this clay locally, it here.
Tinkle Art n Crafts, I like the name and what they have to offer. The shop was smaller than HAG but they have alot of accessory to offer. If you are into doll house.

Start sculpting some flames using the soft cooling clay and keep the rest in a dry area for future use.
It might not look transparent at all because it haven't dry yet. You need to let it dry at least for a day. The thinner the clay is, the more transparent it get.
After a day...
and five mins later...

Yup, so this is my progress on my diorama.
I am going to spend the next weekend working on this diorama again.
Testing out the Led lights for special effect stuff and start painting.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

HGUC Sinanju Wip 2

Been preparing the rough idea of how I wanna present my kit.
At the same time, my computer just die on me.

Here what I did.
I did a quick snap fit for unicorn and thought it would be interesting to put the 2 character together. Either fighting against or together.

But after a few days of consideration and priming of sinanju. I think I will spend more time doing a better job on sinanju than to rush and finish another kit.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

HGUC Sinanju Wip 1

Here is an overall progress of what I did.
I just a recap of my wip from start to now.
Understanding my weakness in the pass few model kit, this time I am determine to improve on panel lining and pla-plate.
I got some useful tip from HAG regarding scribing panel lines so I will be back tracking to do some improvement.
After that, I will cont. adding details onto the upper body.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mg Wild Tiger

Bandai had recently come out with tiger n bunny product. I got tiger because of the character design. I don't have any intention to get bunny. Lol. Budget constrain.

For this kit I planned to complete it within a week or so. Simple oob job. Another reason to get this kit is because of the color scheme. White, green and black. I wanted to try using pearl, and green panel line to make the simple black looking area unique and different.

There were a total of 16 runners and the overall build was easy. I didn't use any cement and there was marking and waterslide decal provide. I felt that the price was worth it. $64.
The only issues I have was myself, I wanna to finish this kit in a week that I took a few risk here and there to get it done quickly. Resulting in some very poor finish.

wip here

Zeta plus C1 - TroubleMaker

HAG had organise a group build with the theme of waverider.
Zeta plus c1 was my choice of kit. There were a few waverider kit that I like to build like delta plus, kyrios, arios, saviour n wing. I feel that these few kit were much more attractive to me.
However, I still have backlog to clear so I decide to use what I have instead.

My panel lines are still very sloppy and pla-plating isn't very consistence.
Wip are here

Here are the photos.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Gundam Age Apollo

So beside doing model in 3d, I like doing gunpla too. This was my 1st Master Grade and I never thought that I will get so addicted to gunpla.
Gunpla is pretty similar to what I do in 3d. The only diff is the medium that is being use. You need to use a computer to model in 3d but in gunpla, your tool are real. There is no Ctrl Z in gunpla... sian.

Here are some pictures taken by my friend.

Capt America

This was one of my favourite piece to work on. I spend about 3 mths to get this done during the game modelling class. 

And right after I finish this, I started to compile my Demoreel for that year.

Alien head

Didn't spend much time to play around with this creature but did learn a few things during lesson time...
I like the concept art in Alien Race alot... will try to model some of the other character when I have some extra free time... wooo...

credit: John Park

Cinematic character

Cinematic character for our course project.
most of our work are showcasing at the current Pixar exhibition (Singapore Science Center) from 2 April till 27 June 2010... this is only 1 character out of the 9 we had done.

I had a few more picture for him... will update once I find them.


I did this way back in 2009 when I was attending the dip course in CG Protege.

Alot of research need to be done just so that I can understand how it actually work inside the driver seat... there wasn't really alot of 3d reference out there but thanks goodness nowadays some ppl still own vehicle like this and they posted them on some WW2 forum.

If I am not wrong, I spend about 3 to 4 weeks modelling/texturing and compositing this.

Never really like to comp my stuff so didn't really bother to do a good job. :P

I did the mp38/40 before the Kettenkrad. It was a mini exercise to see how fast we can model a prop.
Took about 2 weeks to model/texture.

Space Girl

This model was done when I was attending the 6mth training in CG protege.
It was during this time where I learn a lot about modelling. Not just modelling alone, but my observation skill have improve since then.

This model was actually pretty badly model if I were to look at it now. Haha... there was so many better ways to do it but I really feel that for me to reach this standard at that point of time was pretty satisfying.