Mg Wild Tiger

Bandai had recently come out with tiger n bunny product. I got tiger because of the character design. I don't have any intention to get bunny. Lol. Budget constrain.

For this kit I planned to complete it within a week or so. Simple oob job. Another reason to get this kit is because of the color scheme. White, green and black. I wanted to try using pearl, and green panel line to make the simple black looking area unique and different.

There were a total of 16 runners and the overall build was easy. I didn't use any cement and there was marking and waterslide decal provide. I felt that the price was worth it. $64.
The only issues I have was myself, I wanna to finish this kit in a week that I took a few risk here and there to get it done quickly. Resulting in some very poor finish.

wip here

spray silver 1st, then enamel black. do some clean up and this is what happen.


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