Thursday, 27 December 2012

some thoughts

I had been getting many kit recently, and I think to myself why is it that guys like collecting toys so much. I been collecting comic, figures and now model kits.
I felt like it is a addiction. I know it can be control but some how I just keep buying stuff.

I remember watching some silly videos about nerds getting to hardcore with their toys.
youtube video

some explanation to make myself feel better.
why do men like toys

Picture from the internet to reminder myself that I do not wish to reach this kind of situation. It a little too much for me to handle.

To be honest I feel happy buying model kits even if I am not going to build it soon but looking at my account and the no. are not increasing for a year set me thinking again. 
It's either I stop buying any more kits, finish at least half of what I bought or maybe earn extra through commission work. 

Time for a new year resolution hahaha.
Build More, Buy Less (BMBL)

Monday, 24 December 2012

Unicorn Gundam Age-2 Destroy mode

Here is my last kit for 2012. My objective this time round was to get some experiences in kit bashing and to clear some HG kits. I try not to spend so much time adding extra details cause I felt a little exhausted. Beside kit bashing, I took the chances to try out shading but it wasn't easy doing it on a 1/144 kit.

What I did for kit bashing wasn't much. Just attached the age 2 wings to the back of age 2 torso. Replace the face with age 2. Added some detail onto the shield and 2 GN sword which can be remove.

After paint and decals, I finish it up with a pearl purple which you will notice in some picture below.

Overall, I don't feel good about this kit because I started rushing through from the paint work to final touch up. However, I am glad to learn a few new things and I hope you guys enjoy the following pictures.

This kit is also for sggunplasociety UC group build. Now, I will slowly enjoy the process of modelling Blitz and Shadow Fox.

Link to this Wip.

Lastly, Merry X'mas :)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

WIP - Unicorn Gundam Age-2 Destroy mode


Got back to this kit 3 days ago, preparing to paint and finish it over the wkend. I face some weight issue with the kitbash weapon and had to remove the barrel to fix it. 

This will more or less be how it looks like in the end.

Friday, 14 December 2012

GunZoid Fever

Thanks to ppl from sggunplasociety for passing me the fever, now I need to control myself from hooting zoids.
The building process for zoid is very friendly as almost each runner is for a certain part where else for gundam, one runner can be share among the rest.
The parts are small and sharp, snap fit tightly and details are really incredible. 

Now I just need to spend some precious time thinking of a idea to build these kits. Thanks Toymaker for letting me join in the fun. Feels like a small boy following 2 big boys.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Head sculpt - 03

Ok... spend some free time in studio touching up and finish this. The eyes... is so badly done in my opinion... haha