some thoughts

I had been getting many kit recently, and I think to myself why is it that guys like collecting toys so much. I been collecting comic, figures and now model kits.
I felt like it is a addiction. I know it can be control but some how I just keep buying stuff.

I remember watching some silly videos about nerds getting to hardcore with their toys.
youtube video

some explanation to make myself feel better.
why do men like toys

Picture from the internet to reminder myself that I do not wish to reach this kind of situation. It a little too much for me to handle.

To be honest I feel happy buying model kits even if I am not going to build it soon but looking at my account and the no. are not increasing for a year set me thinking again. 
It's either I stop buying any more kits, finish at least half of what I bought or maybe earn extra through commission work. 

Time for a new year resolution hahaha.
Build More, Buy Less (BMBL)


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