Sunday, 26 August 2012

HGUC Sinanju Wip 2

Been preparing the rough idea of how I wanna present my kit.
At the same time, my computer just die on me.

Here what I did.
I did a quick snap fit for unicorn and thought it would be interesting to put the 2 character together. Either fighting against or together.

But after a few days of consideration and priming of sinanju. I think I will spend more time doing a better job on sinanju than to rush and finish another kit.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

HGUC Sinanju Wip 1

Here is an overall progress of what I did.
I just a recap of my wip from start to now.
Understanding my weakness in the pass few model kit, this time I am determine to improve on panel lining and pla-plate.
I got some useful tip from HAG regarding scribing panel lines so I will be back tracking to do some improvement.
After that, I will cont. adding details onto the upper body.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mg Wild Tiger

Bandai had recently come out with tiger n bunny product. I got tiger because of the character design. I don't have any intention to get bunny. Lol. Budget constrain.

For this kit I planned to complete it within a week or so. Simple oob job. Another reason to get this kit is because of the color scheme. White, green and black. I wanted to try using pearl, and green panel line to make the simple black looking area unique and different.

There were a total of 16 runners and the overall build was easy. I didn't use any cement and there was marking and waterslide decal provide. I felt that the price was worth it. $64.
The only issues I have was myself, I wanna to finish this kit in a week that I took a few risk here and there to get it done quickly. Resulting in some very poor finish.

wip here

Zeta plus C1 - TroubleMaker

HAG had organise a group build with the theme of waverider.
Zeta plus c1 was my choice of kit. There were a few waverider kit that I like to build like delta plus, kyrios, arios, saviour n wing. I feel that these few kit were much more attractive to me.
However, I still have backlog to clear so I decide to use what I have instead.

My panel lines are still very sloppy and pla-plating isn't very consistence.
Wip are here

Here are the photos.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Gundam Age Apollo

So beside doing model in 3d, I like doing gunpla too. This was my 1st Master Grade and I never thought that I will get so addicted to gunpla.
Gunpla is pretty similar to what I do in 3d. The only diff is the medium that is being use. You need to use a computer to model in 3d but in gunpla, your tool are real. There is no Ctrl Z in gunpla... sian.

Here are some pictures taken by my friend.

Capt America

This was one of my favourite piece to work on. I spend about 3 mths to get this done during the game modelling class. 

And right after I finish this, I started to compile my Demoreel for that year.

Alien head

Didn't spend much time to play around with this creature but did learn a few things during lesson time...
I like the concept art in Alien Race alot... will try to model some of the other character when I have some extra free time... wooo...

credit: John Park

Cinematic character

Cinematic character for our course project.
most of our work are showcasing at the current Pixar exhibition (Singapore Science Center) from 2 April till 27 June 2010... this is only 1 character out of the 9 we had done.

I had a few more picture for him... will update once I find them.


I did this way back in 2009 when I was attending the dip course in CG Protege.

Alot of research need to be done just so that I can understand how it actually work inside the driver seat... there wasn't really alot of 3d reference out there but thanks goodness nowadays some ppl still own vehicle like this and they posted them on some WW2 forum.

If I am not wrong, I spend about 3 to 4 weeks modelling/texturing and compositing this.

Never really like to comp my stuff so didn't really bother to do a good job. :P

I did the mp38/40 before the Kettenkrad. It was a mini exercise to see how fast we can model a prop.
Took about 2 weeks to model/texture.

Space Girl

This model was done when I was attending the 6mth training in CG protege.
It was during this time where I learn a lot about modelling. Not just modelling alone, but my observation skill have improve since then.

This model was actually pretty badly model if I were to look at it now. Haha... there was so many better ways to do it but I really feel that for me to reach this standard at that point of time was pretty satisfying.


Okay, so here is my first post. I am pretty noob at using things like this and most of the time, I will deleted my blog once I felt that there isn't anything worth to update.

But I will try to make use of this blog to share what I have learn in my everyday life.

There are lots of thing I would like to post here so it will take awhile before I set everything up.