GBWC 2012 - HGUC Sinanju

Here is my entry for my first GBWC 2012, a HG Sinanju was my choice of kit. I wanted to up the detail of the kit and its articulation. Learning new things like creating a diorama with led set up while trying to improve on my weakest point which is panel lining. I also wanted to see if I am able to present a common kit that many people have seen before but at the same time different because of the color I used. You can visit my wip pages listed right below this page to see what are the color I had in mind at the very beginning. I was basically lost with choices but in the end, I decided to pick it original color, red.

It was a very fun experiences preparing for this competition. Started very early when they first announces it dateline. Working from 10pm to 12pm daily and almost the whole weekend was spend on this kit. This was the first kit that I really paid lots of attention to, redoing parts that wasn't what I want and just giving in all I have to produce something that can be presentable. At least, that was how I felt.

Enough talking and here are the pictures. CnC welcome. :) I can't wait to finish my next kit and start learning new things again.

Links to WIPs.
wip1 - wip2 - wip3 - wip4 - wip last


  1. Bro very nice work man. I think we need to come out and drink coffee and let me feed off your aura. haha. Hope to see you this Friday =D

  2. Yo! This is definitely eye-catching man! Big improvement from your Age GB. I'm certain it's gonna be one of the standout kits at the compy. See you there! :)


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