Saturday, 18 January 2014


First of all, thanks to Poison Monkey Toymaker and Waylander together with HAG/HAW for making this GB possible for all of us. Mechaman and Enterpise for the extra foods to fill up our empty stomach. This is by far the best GB we have, we have door gift, 18 unique JESTA entries, a few consolation prizes, 5 merit prizes, top 3 prizes and best of all... 1 photo booth. haha But yeah, I think most importantly we all get to meet up with follow hobbyist and learn from one another.

without further a do, here are all the entries.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Jesta GB - Jesta Evolution

I can say much except for how exciting this project was for me.
For every group build that I joined I always try to do something that I had never experiences or do before.

It all started out with a simple Jesta mix and match
 And then things went a little bit crazy and started evolving 
Which finally end up with this result and title