Friday, 26 October 2012

PG Strike Freedom

I had been hoping to get a PG for a while now and been checking around for cheap prices, 
and I was very fortunate to get this for $260. Thanks to Sliver from sggunplasociety.
Thought I should share some pictures of what inside the box. 

Box Art.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

RG Freedom Gundam WIP 01

Gonna start working on this kit. Working on some poses for now.
So far, there are a few area which I don't like about RG is that the seam line are visible even after the Armour is added on. Spend quite a while to clean them up...
not all the lines are deep which might add to my ad panel lining later on.
And lastly, the neck... it so skinny.

I have no idea where I am heading with this kit but I will just list them out and decide on it later.

Change of color scheme - need reference and time to see what nice on this kit.
Freedom and Justice - I need to quickly build Justice up to see how the two looks tgt. Might even build a diorama for it. References... I need alot of references for this.
Weathered kit - been thinking of doing one but feel like doing it on a Geara Zulu instead.

Things I won't want to do are, adding more detail on the kit. It really very detail, I just need to mask for different tone.