HGUC Sinanju Wip 5

Crazy masking for this week... glad most of it turn out good with only a few area where paint manage to get in. Quickly touch it up on the spot... 0_0

Spray the underside of the kit dark gray to make it look more detail... o_o
Updated on the Bazookas... Think it looks slightly better than before now. May need to add some minor detail after all is done. -_-

Hope to do some panel lining next week. Left 1mth... must focus... x_x


  1. Lookin good bro! Hope to see you at GBWC in a month's time ;D

    1. Thanks for dropping by and the encouragement. :)
      I am very excited to check out Project Morrigan once it up. Ganbatte

  2. Good work bro. Will look out for entry at GBWC. :-)


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