Saturday, 22 November 2014

SD Neo Zeong GB @ HAW

There wasn't many entries this time but I felt like we spend quite a long time together sharing the methods and creative process. I guess maybe because the group was smaller it's easier to open up and share, at least for me... haha. 

Wait... what that at the back?

Thursday, 13 November 2014

GBF Try: Fumina Hoshino

This had been 3d printed. Click here for more info.
Took me about 4 to 5 weeks to complete this character from Gundam Build Fighter TRY.
I am not a anime kind of guy and I find sculpting anime character very challenging. 
Everything was done in Zbrush using dynamesh, Zremesher and poly painted. 
Posing was done using Transpose in T-posemesh.
Beauty render in Photoshop.
Plan to work on the 3d print for this character in the future.

Quick hard surface sculpt

Some very quick hard surface sculpt done during class demo and rendering methods in Zbrush for presentation. 

Bleeding Orc

My 4th batch of students are finally getting started with Zbrush. Best time for me to do something fun while demonstrating how to use the software.


Another quick sculpt that I did using the free time I have when my students are working on their assignments in class. 

Centaur's Escape

Another game model done in 2012.
That year, I just began my journey as a lecturer and time was really limit. 
Having to juggle between review students work, lesson plans, gunpla and personal work was really tough. 
The objective was to get use to using Zsphere and the new panel loop function in Zbrush 4R5.
Retopo was done in 3D Max, textures in Photoshop.

Hairfarm was use for rendering the grass.

Looking back, there are just so much more I can do to improve on this character or even presentation.


This was done in early 2014 where I start to get a hang out of Zbrush.
The objective was to better understand the workflow between 3d max and zbrush.
My plan was to create a full morph target for the face but due to time constant and work, I move on to focus on other aspect of Zbrush.