My gratitude.

So one day after GBWC 2012 Singapore is over, I would like to thanks some peoples that I had met along this journey that lead me to be able to present you guys with The Red Comet.

First person I would want to thanks is my dear friend Zong Wei. We start this hobby more or less at the same time around Gundam Seed era but I didn't get to train under Sam due to financial reasons.
We will always talk about gundam but he will have more to say just because he is more otaku than I am.

Next person, someone that all local modeller should know is Kenny aka Toymaker. Thanks to the MG Age-1 group build, I learn how to increase the details of a model kit which that is what I wanted to do all along. Think about it, I had been asking him lots of noob questions through FB msg but he never fail taking the time to answer them. Thank you.
Yi Hui aka Waylander also play a important role to me, we might not have any conversation but I remember that he was the winner for new challenger open category at his time. And that it self was something I was looking forward to. Trying to follow his footsteps.
Thanks for walking over to shake my hand, I am really honor with that simple yet motivating gesture.

Friends from sggunplasociety, I want to thanks the usual people like Sliver, Lazyoneeyes, Ongkh2000, Ultimatron, HeeroYuy and Spector1986. There are other more friends but this are the more frequent buddy that will pop by your tread and give you their humble comments and motivation.
Without this forum, I won't be able to see so many wonderful kits done by the locals. So lets work hard together for year 2013.

Friends from HAG and Hobbymate, I had learn valuable lessons from Sam and Joyce. I might not have taken up any of their modelling lesson(ok, I did take up the mech base diorama one). haha, I think I abit thick skin, cause I will bring my kit down to HAW and see if there are any thing I can improve on. I am glad they didn't turn me away because I am not a student of them but instead they will spend time together, analyzing and giving me very constructive comments that not alot of people are able to give. Edmund, the man behind the led installation for my kit. He had help with the installation and connection of the led for my kit. Without his help, the fire wouldn't be glowing so brightly. Thanks you.

To my dear Mum, you will never know how much I love you. I feel bad making my room a mess, stinky with thinner, toilet bowl and basin cover with paint stain, photo booth occupying  a huge space in the living room. I feel I am a very selfish person who only concern about what I like to do but I am really glad that you have been supportive even though I know you don't really like it. haha
I feel that I just cannot live without art.

Lastly, my girlfriend... haha... I can image if I had never started this hobby, how many sweet sweet stuff I will build for you. hehehe...

That wrap up my thanks you list.


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