Unicorn Gundam Age-2 Destroy mode

Here is my last kit for 2012. My objective this time round was to get some experiences in kit bashing and to clear some HG kits. I try not to spend so much time adding extra details cause I felt a little exhausted. Beside kit bashing, I took the chances to try out shading but it wasn't easy doing it on a 1/144 kit.

What I did for kit bashing wasn't much. Just attached the age 2 wings to the back of age 2 torso. Replace the face with age 2. Added some detail onto the shield and 2 GN sword which can be remove.

After paint and decals, I finish it up with a pearl purple which you will notice in some picture below.

Overall, I don't feel good about this kit because I started rushing through from the paint work to final touch up. However, I am glad to learn a few new things and I hope you guys enjoy the following pictures.

This kit is also for sggunplasociety UC group build. Now, I will slowly enjoy the process of modelling Blitz and Shadow Fox.

Link to this Wip.

Lastly, Merry X'mas :)


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