GBWC 2015: The Beast of Possibility - WIP-05

Focusing on the upper body and silhouette, I keep jumping back and forth until I feel comfortable with the design. I try as much as possible to avoid common idea of full armour that can be found from the internet but it easier said than done. 

Test fitted without the armour and a change of shoulder detail. Top is before, bottom is after.

With armour on and new details added.

Working on some other ideas for the backpack as well.

The arm of Unicorn Gundam is something unique but the articulation of the joints are weak and limiting. I switch the forearm with Rezel and tried retaining some element of Unicorn. I lengthen the upper arm to improve it proportion and it helps to avoid getting scratch when the arm is raise to the side. 

Some minor detail under the waist.

The side skirt and legs just doesn't fit the top, got to keep trying.
Below are some of my favorites design but none of it reach the final... lol

Detailing the of the legs, scribbing it 4 times was a real challenge. I mod the thigh joint to get an extend leg and more importantly, better articulation for posing.
There are a few minor detail that I did on the legs but didn't have any wip of it.
Will make sure to take them during photo shoot.

Somehow I am liking it even without the back pack. :P
Next post will be on the diorama.


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