GBWC 2015: The Beast of Possibility - WIP-03

With a clearer picture from the drawing I done, I was able to move forward with less confusion.
But it took me awhile to decide which scale of kit do I want to work with.

I have previously decided to use MG, until the PG was announce... then I thought of using HG cause there was so much I want to tell and PG was just too huge. The indecisiveness continue for weeks/months but finally it end some where in March.

Confirming that HG is the scale that I wanted to work with, I started to push out more design and ideas. Once again, most of them are pretty unrealistic or weird looking bash but that help me to filter out the better one and to understand better about design.

bringing Banshee into the picture wasn't part of the plan but would it be cool to see both kits being detail up in different weapon system?
A speedo maniac tag with a heavy weapon buddy.

The banshee was inspired by ARZ-124HZR Gundam.


Things started to change after feeling the the design wasn't appealing at all. I started to fall back to how a Unicorn Gundam might have look like and try not to change the concept too much.

After a few weeks of playing around, I removed the idea of putting 2 kits together cause there isn't much time to work on 2 kits at the same time.


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