GBWC 2015: The Beast of Possibility - WIP-02

2015 is a good start for me because I had quit my job on the last month of 2014. For 6 months, I was freelancing, searching for a new job, building a reel and actively modelling gunpla. The search for identity returns and I began to reflect upon my past. There isn't any major change to my objective, it just that now I have more time to do what I love to do. Spending the time with my family and myself.

During this period, I went back to the drawing board to sketch out some ideas.
Most of it doesn't really make much sense but it a good way to get random thought out of my head and review them days later.


Looks like clouds but to be honest, I don't remember what it suppose to be. Haha

I like the idea of having some effects, something that I need time to experiment with.


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