Zoids Group Build 2014

This year Zoids GB is organized by Let's Play
It was a short 3 hrs gathering but the energy level in the shop was pretty high.


Well, the number of entry this year might not be as many compare to the last but the atmosphere and quality won't lose out either. 

The only D-style entry by NCD may be small but it loaded with details on the kit as well as the base.

A nice mixture of Bandai parts on Shadow Fox. The color choice here is great but some colors on the detail portion will bring out the beauty of Zoids kit.

Love the paint job on both kits. Samuel really brought out the details of both Mirage Liger and Geno Breaker. 

Always love Joon Kiat's shading, awesome as always.

Nice weathering on the Blade Liger. 

Disco Bison. 

HMM Zoids are well known to have crazy details and here we have a good example if you spend some time to bring out the beauty brought to you by Jay.

Let's move on to our TOP 3 for this year Zoids GB 2014!

Coming in at 3rd is a dessert base Panzer Liger. A clean OOB pack with very subtle shading and details. Love the asymmetrical pose too.

Floor crew: " you see that tree over there? go touch and come back... "
Pliot:" ...?"

Coming in 2nd with a big bang is Mattathias, pushing the limit with a heavy mech base fill with LED, detail paint job with subtle weathering and my favorite part is the open space which allow viewer to appreciate what he have done. Good job!


Winner of Zoids GB 2014 Kok Yi.
His entry might be small but it refreshing, the colors on the dio helps to complement the Wolf. Spend some time on the kit and you will notice this kit is viewable in 360 degree. Composition of this kit make it as such that both dio and kit balance each other out. Awesome!

That's all folk! It seem like the last GB was just yesterday. haha
Once again, thanks Let's Play for the time, space and FOODS. 
Toymaker for organizing another successful group build. 2015 we can make it BIG!!!
To all the chaps that attend the group build, making it a success, especially those who took part right after the Mid Year Competition. You guys are hardcore awesome!!!

Check out the coverage from Toymaker here
and Open the toy here


  1. Thanks for linking up! You did a good coverage with much detail photos.

    1. Thanks Bro... wish I could take more photos of everyone works.. nice to meet u there too. :).


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