Gunpla Builder World Cup 2013 Singapore @ NEX

With no one chasing me out of the gallery area, I can finally take my time and enjoy each piece and take a photo of them all. 

Unfortunately, there were no name or title tag so I can't sort them properly into junior and open category. 

R u Rdy?

Out of the box indeed

Limited edition Minion bear guy.

Very clean and smooth finish for this kit.

Here are some of the entry that caught my attention.

Char's dream: Attack on Whitebase by Derrick Poh.

I didn't get the idea of 2 char kit at first until I saw the title at the bottom right corner. However, the paint job for this entry is fabulous and the Zeong is calling out to me... LOL

This 3 kits happened to be side by side and they caught my attention with their paint job too. 

The Exia might be a little too dark for my liking but it still look nice, if only he had a diorama to match his weathered looking Exia.

Tallgeese 1 doing it with style, a clean oob pairing up with a simple base for presentation. 

Buster Gundam. His paint job and weathering are GREAT, not too much or too little and it suit the kit perfectly together with it modification. 
Just check out his diorama, fabulous details.
One of my favorite this year.

Being a new comer last year, I know how excited is it to step into their very first Gundam competition and I believe we have a lot of new comer this year too. 
So I will be supporting them by sharing some of their entry here. 

GnX with modify koto parts by Weitzing (Lester).
I like the simple modification done on this kit and the color used but I am not too sure about it presentation. Felt like the pose and diorama could be better in terms of color and details.


PG Strike Freedom by Jonathan. 
Heard that this was his 3rd kit build... a PG... 3rd kit... omg... and I haven't even cut a runner from a PG yet... 
Good luck Jonathan.

Oběti Války (Casualties of War) by I.M.Pao

Bold color used for his Hi nu and the MK II remind me of Dave from Prometheus.

RG FX-550 Skygrasper by Vickon

MS-09RS Barrage ver c.a by Lazyoneeyez (Edwin Lin)
My buddy for this year GBWC deserve some applause for having the balls to bring a Dom into a battlefield... LOL. Just kidding... but seriously, I don't see alot of people pushing their limit with a grunt suit and this guy here is playing with fire.
The kit do have some issues like uneven surface but the color of the kit attracted me.

Good luck and a job well done.

The Quad Wing by Robin

Another one of my favorite this year.
The details are clean, the emblem are nicely painted and the base is good enough to sell the kit.
Good job Robin.

Moving away from new comer we are in the zone of the open category.
This kit is interesting in terms of kit bashing and presentation.
The whole kit is done up with metallic colors and the way he pose the gaint sword out is really impressive. Just need to find a good angle to get the composition right for photo taking.

Check out the rest here


Nu Gundam ver. NCD by Ng Chun Da
Well, this Nu here is one of the very different nu we usually see simply because it have no fin funnels. 
The modeler did a good job by attaching the GN arm thruster as it backpack, some simple pla-plating on it body and a base simple and effective with the help of some blinking led lights.
The only issue I have here is the color scheme... T_T it too monotone, from the top to the base the colors tone are too close to each other. But none the less, it is a job well done within a short period of time. Clap clap... haha

The Last Stand by Wilson Wong
Another Nu Gundam this year and in case one set of fin funnel is not enough, this chap here decided to add on another set to form a wing like back pack for the Nu. 
The color scheme here is from Hi-nu with some part painting in fluorescent green so that it will glow under the UV light. 
Check out his video presentation here

Hideout by Jeff Liang
 I believe Jeff is no strangers to the local modeler here.
There are so many things happening in this pieces that I guess I spend the most time around here.
Looking up and down, side to side trying to see what are the peoples doing and there is even a plot written on the front for you to know what going now.

Finally, the main event for GBWC 2013...
MSN-06S Shinigami (Sinanju Stein variant) by MechaMan

Check the rest of his photos here

I totally fell in love with this piece when it was reveal... There is no way anyone can forget this kit.
Just goes to show that with determination how far we can go. 
Just look at the amount of effort put in the BFG, and the details of every portion of it body, plus the psycho frame. 
This is by far my number one favorite.
I am rooting for you bro, wish you all the best of luck.

Last but not least, my own kit... haha
You can read the rest of it here

And this is it... all of the entry for this year GBWC Singapore.
Now we modeler will take a short break and let our kit do the battle at NEX but your job now is to head down there and show us your support. Haha

The results and prize presentation day will be on 29th Sept 5pm-6pm.
Or stay tune to get the result here.

Want to know more about this year entry from someone else? 


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