GBWC 2013: Sinanju - Aesalon Wip

This year GBWC was pretty early compare to last year, I was hoping to start early with at least 4 months of preparation but the announcement was made with only 2 months left and I guess that left some inexperience modeler like me to feel constraint with the time limit.

This year was really very challenging for me compare to last year, there were many things going on with work and personal life that it seem stupid that I still want to continue with this competition but I am glad I had completed the kit and it time for me to get back to my CG stuff.

As for my idea this year, what I had in mind was something like Nyx from Dota 2, bug like with sharp claws and armour plates on it body. I did a few test but wasn't really capable of making it happened.

Color scheme was another headache, I wanted to use white as my overall color instead of red but knowing that there will be a few white kit taking part I didn't not to clash with their color scheme too.
Coming up with another red color scheme was really very irritating for me since it will end up just like my last year entry. However, I guess it did turn out acceptable for me after I top coated it with pearl purple.

Moving on, there were also some problem like the plastic base that I had originally cannot be scribe and I had to come up with an other idea.

Blah, Blah Blah...

let see some WIP for now...

Some ideas I have at the beginning.

I really like this idea at first, replacing the leg thruster with the shield and bazooka. really feel like doing this.

Rejected weapon

For a moment, I wanted to screw the back pack. I kinda like this without it.

Ah, no leg?

revealing some inner frame for the leg.
Spend 2 days to get this done only to reject it later.

The most in-creative part of the whole kit.

All wash up and ready to prime.

The plastic base that cannot be scribe... the surface turn powdery once I cut it.

Color scheme


Rough idea of how I want present my kit.

I like the purple specular... :P


I wanted to pick up some rock on the road side to add more textures during the sculpt, but our Hungry Ghost Festival haven't over... so... ya... I didn't do that... 

That all of the wip picture that I can share with you guys.
Comment and critique if you want and stay tune for next week for the final picture.
Meantime, those who are still struggling, all the best. Hope to see that the fight that you guys put up is not wasted.

Thanks Edwin, you been a good buddy over the last few months. Once we are all done, we can meet up for late night Kopi liao...

Click here for the final pictures.


  1. Excuse me, what an awesome process... Remembering it's done in 2 months (I would take longer :P). Btw, what material did you use to make the diorama base? Thank you and goodluck for next year!

    1. Hi, thanks... the foundation of the base is made up of paper mache, follow by a few thin layer of air drying clay, quick drying cement and lastly cement + sand mixture.


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