GBWC 2013 Singapore - After thought

Overwhelm, is the only word I can use to describe the feeling right now.
Many thoughts on my mind whether or not I am ready to represent Singapore for the final round in Japan.
None the least, I hope a dark horse like me will be able to do something proud for our local community at the final.
Blessed to have the supports from family,friends and hobby fans.
Hope that I am able to motivate any newbie to have the passion and hunger to be better than before.
Pressure have definitely increase for me as people will start to expect better work in future.
Sharpening, improving and improvising will be my next objective I have for next year.

Now I would like to thanks some people that are very important over the course of this build.

My buddy Edwin Lin for the support and honest comments over the pass few months.
My girlfriend for being understanding that I need my personal time to get it done.
My mum for nagging at me but right at the end she will still support what I choose to do.

Kenny, Yi Hui and Jeong for the CRAZY mid night TCSS session.
Supports from friends and hobbyist, you guys are what motivate us to push even further.

Lastly, congrats to all the winners in our regional GBWC. I hope to see you guys again next year. :)

Now... for the next stop Japan.

Woo hoo JAPAN I am coming for you... yeah


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