SG50 Mecha Build - Remembering our past, building our future

Earlier this year, Toymaker suggest the group of us to build something for commemorating our country Singapore. It our country golden jubilee and we wanted to show respect to our late Mr Lee Kuan Yew as well. 

This build goes out to our pioneer generation for all the tough time that they have been through to make Singapore what she is right now. I want the kit to be modernize, keeping up to date while remembering our past.

It's only natural to use the RX-78 Gundam as the main kit to represent the pioneer generation as it is the first mobile suit in the Gundam franchise.

Looking forward, our country is still a young nation on the ascendant and freedom could be lost if we do not cherish or protect it. The crescent painted on the shield symbolize how important is it to defend what our pioneer generation have build for the nation.

The multiple shade of red and white to represent a modernize society, pervading it purity and virtue to all citizen.


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