Babartos Gundam - HAG Group Build

Glad to take part in this group build organize by HAG once again and honestly there were moments where I was thinking of completing it due to work commitment. 
It been 6 months working in a new environment and the amount of work load is quite taxing, there wasn't much of a personal time left but at least there is enough time to sleep. Haha... 

I feel relieve to be able to complete this kit otherwise it will definitely be back in the box.
There were some learning points that I pick up from this build, for example securing the kit in mid air with rods, paint chip with masking sol, using powder for addition details on the base and some other minor points. Since it was a really rush job, I wasn't able to fix those seam line which is kinda disappointing for me. 

This will probably be the last kit that I complete in 2015 and I look forward to 2016 where I will wanna explore into other kit and design.



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