GBF Try: Fumina Hoshino 3D Print

Click here for the CG render and wip.

This is my first time printing a full figure and it was a pleasant experience thanks to  3D Mako.
At first I thought it was pretty straight forward to get my work printed but it wasn't the case.
We went through a few iteration of test printing, meet up to further understand which are the areas to improve on and finally decided to print it out.

I want the model to be printed in parts, and I had a total of 13 parts at first. 
The first test print was at the pelvis and waist area.

We met up to discuss what are the areas to improve for example, the scale of the kit is smaller, the peg I made wasn't as strong as I thought it will be.  
Thus some parts are better to be printed as a whole for better weight distribution.

Another unexpected issue was the gap at the seam line. 

A few more fixes on the upper body and head before we go for the final print.
The waist, pelvis and right leg was printed as a whole to ensure that the weight is well distributed and seam issues were reduced. 
It took us about 3 week before we finally print the whole kit. 

Review of the print

Now if I were to give some rating base on the common questions people will ask.
Upon 10, the higher the number the better the score. 

Quality - 8
 I really like what I see just that sanding is still required for a better, smoother surface. The color of the resin looks very clean and beautiful. I thought it will be yellowish but it turn out to be white once it is cured under the Sun.

Accuracy - 8
The missing 2 point isn't really a big issue, just imagine something so big and detail being shrink down to 15cm, mirco detail will definitely be lost. 
However, the overall general details like folds was capture nicely.
The finger were nicely printed out too even though it was pretty thin on the 3d model.

Service - 10
3D Mako service was excellent, both of us were very busy with work and they are willing to meet up with me after 7pm for the development stage. They reply on time, willing to share some basic knowledge, feedback and suggestion was clear. Last but not least, they are very friendly people to work with.

Price - 10
I am going to give them a 10, unless some one can find a shop that print a 15cm solid, resin model kit below the price of $50 here in Singapore. Including all the test prints.

I will recommend any CG artist to try out their service if you have something in mind for printing or maybe you want to experience it yourself, the process of  3d modelling to 3d printing.


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