3D 고독한가정부 : 네이버 블로그

I found this concept art on Pinterest and I fall in love with it, it cute and very monster hunter look alike.
Concept art

I really enjoy converting this concept art into a 3d piece.
Here are more information regarding the artist. Unfortunately, I can't understand Korean thus I don't really know what the title mean.
I try google translator and it turn out to be from 고독한가정부 : 네이버 블로그 to Lonely maid : Naver Blog. Not too sure if it is the right title for this concept.


I started off in Zbrush using spheres and dynamesh, work on its blocking, move on to detail and secondary details.
Retopo in 3Ds Max,
bake in Xnormal,
texture in Photoshop and
render in Marmoset toolbag.


Thanks for looking. :)


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