GBWC 2014 - Singapore

This year GBWC is held at Bugis + from 10 Sept till 21 Sept 2014.

Didn't spend much time at the event area but I did manage to capture all of the entries.
Lets start with the Jr category.

Garden Knights

Zaku Fun


Pirate's Prize

Eternal Build Strike

Advent of Repulse

Attack of the Gelgoog

Kyojin Astray

Launching Wing Gundam

Endless Waltz

OO Build Booster

FA-02R Banshee

Launch Strike


Turn X Split

Ray's Last Stand

Infinity and beyond

Moving over to the open category.

Climax to resort

The little devil

Strike Rouge Freedom

Qanitium Type B

Hazel Flight mode... hmmm... not too sure if it is suppose to be tilted.

But it looks pretty good none the less.

RG Exia R2

Tieren Phalanx  

Delta Plus

Customised Strike I.W.S.P

Double Edged

Tallgeese cougar... 
Where's the Tallgeese? lol

Banshee D'Rebellion

Gun Control? Never heard of it.

Second Advent

Kamper Amazing FA Color variant

The "yellowcoat" rebellion

Nobel Gundam

Omnislash Red Knight

Operation Murasaki Rai
nice kitbash. 

Zaku V3.0

Moon Defence

All out assault

Jo9n of Ark

Nu V Maintenance 
Green Bandit

Strike Freedom



Wing Gundam Fenice Ver.EW


Shinning Copper

Astreaya Valkyrie MK-13

Divine Destiny Gundam

My 1st Gundam

Sei Zerstorung


Oblivion Prototype

Wrath of Delta+

Amazing Zaku Custom

1/100 AMS-119 Geara Doga (The Assault) 

Final Battle

The last defenders of fire

Beyond the time


Blitz-Gundam Black Lotus

Free-Dom. Personally I like this entry, the color separation and execution are pretty good. 

Great discovery. Interesting idea, looks like an underground scene, where the Gundam is waiting to be found.

Licht Sazabi.
Massive kit bashing. 


Fleeting love. 
Nice concept and composition, need to keep in mind the basic thou. 

No easy day. Even though I am not a diorama type but this entries remind me of my Army days.

I got a feeling the name tag got mix up again!
I am guessing this should be call Psycho Zeong and not PS.
Big Purple Machine. Clean and mean! 
Very nice detailing, kit bash and modification done on this Zeong! 


Psycho Zeong
Pretty hard to see what happening here cause it at the lower shelf. 
I guess they got PS mix up with this entry cause I don't see any Zeong or Psycho here.

Burning! Erupting Build Knuckle!
This is a MG conversion from the upcoming anime Gundam Build Fighter TRY.
The rest of the entries better be fire proof. lol

That's all folk and good luck to all the contestant. 


  1. wew, I see some of the junior entry better then open entry here :p


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