CGP Modellers' cohesion 2014

I usually tries to organize a few class outing once in a blue moon, but this is the first time combining 4 batches together.
The purpose of these cohesion was to bond the students, maintain a connection with the school and most importantly have fun together as friends.

This time we make our attempt to try out The Escape Artist at Prinsep Place and boy was it exciting.
No spoilers here to any of the room so no worries if you intend to play them.

Service provided was great, they were really patient with us reorganizing the group due to some last min fall out.
Advises on which room to play for newbie to experience player.
We didn't use any clue so no comments on that area.
The room my student and I play was After Dark, it was meant to be horror but it isn't really that scary.
The atmosphere in the game room was acceptable, there was many props(not cheap) and we have fun playing with it.
The difficulty to this game for me is just the time given, it too short 50min. Maybe we are just too noob for it. lol
Overall, I really like it but just too bad we didn't manage to clear the room even after having extra time. :(

Memories captured after all the game ended.

So what happened after escaping from the rooms?
Well the students show the teacher how good they are at playing lan... lol

I'm glad that the outcome was beyond what I expected it to be and special thanks to these people mention below.

Hui Zhen and Vanessa, thanks for volunteering your help and expertise in which escape room to go to. Extra thanks for coordinating with The Escape Artist.
Denny for being part of this cohesion together with his VFX students.
Everyone for taking the time off to make this cohesion a success and I hope everyone went back with a smile.

I will organize a better one in 2015 where we can really catch up with one another and have a whole new level of fun compare to any of our past gathering.
Mean time, keep polishing your skills, don't give up, work harder and we will play harder together in 2015.


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