RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (destroy mode) theatrical exclusive review

I can't resist when it come to such theatrical box art. At first look, it reminds me of Drew Struzan, the guy that make movie posters like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Back to the future and Indiana Jones looks great.

Well, it isn't 100% like Drew Struzan but it is enough to get me hook to it. There is this realism and anime feel that draws me into the kit.
That's it for Unicorn...

I can't imagine what will happened to my wallet if all the past theatrical exclusive was done this way. I hope I will be able to find out who was the artist behind this poster.
Now for some pictures.

I love the ending of Unicorn episode 7 alot too. I don't read the novel but episode 7 was pack with emotions and action.

Next, let take a quick looks what goes inside this box that made me go GAGA...

Metallic Pyscho frame, well the silver are evenly coat through out but it isn't glossy or metallic enough for my preferences... of course we could just use some Star bright Silver to solve the issues.

Next are the clear blue, yellow and smoky pieces.

Last but not least, the main armor pieces are done in crystal clear.

Instructional menu have no differences compare to the old one.

Guess what, bonus images for Banshee theatrical exclusive too. Haha
It doesn't belongs to me so I can only share the box arts and less the content. Sorry guys...

I had great day watching the last episode. Thanks to the organizer for making it happened for us Gundam fans.


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