Kämpfer Amazing - WIPs

I have always look forward to Monday just to watch Gundam Build Fighters, I like how they develop the char arc and episode 18 where we see how Meijin Kawaguchi turn out to be not as inbal from the first few episode.

After snap fitting the HG Kämpfer Amazing, I found out that certain joints wasn't that that great and the proportion of the upper torso was too short for my liking. So my plan was to first fix the proportion, make it slicker than before and move on from there. 

I started researching and compiling all the references that I need or like to use as a inspiration. Some of them serve as a reminder that there are just so much to learn be it techniques or aesthetic and I am very grateful that they are sharing their wips online.

Compiling all the Wip that I have from day 1 till now. 

This time round, I started from the feet up.
The original feet was too short in length and I wanted the toes to have some details.
After lengthening it, I make use of MG Strike ankle for better detail and articulation.
The hydraulic pipes are just something I want to try.

Slice off the side thruster for some movable parts. Inspired by Sinanju.

Get rid of some panel lines and sharpens the tips
Some random kit bashing for ideas.

Lengthen the thigh area and insert a MG Sinanju inner frame for better articulation.
Also change the knee and scratch build the back cover, which in my opinion was a little to out of place towards the end.

Proportion check.

Basically I was playing around with ideas on how I want my Kämpfer to be.
There was a few that I like for example the one with Gafran's wings and the asymmetrical binders.

I went abit too far by adding a MG Sinanju inner frame... it just for fun anyway...

Starting to add details while checking on the overall once in awhile. At the point of time, I am pretty clear of what I want my kit to be... Amazing...

Phew... can stand on it own...

Not alot of time left... make use of holidays and weekend to paint.

The decals I used were RG Freedom, MG Sinanju and some random caution decals.

After panel lining and decals, I top coated it with Mr Crystal Sapphire Blue to give it a pearl blue effect, follow by a semi-flat coat to soften the highlight. I really love how Mr crystal allow me to have pearl effect and at the same time it not glossy. 
The reason I wanted the kit to have this sapphire blue is simply because of Plavsky Particles in the anime.
 Since I talk about Plavsky Particles... why not kick in a GP base to make it more anime accurate?

Testing out if the lights are working for me. I ran into some issue as I am not a lighting expert but I am really glad that I have friends to help me out. 
You cannot enjoy this hobby alone anyway. haha

A quick run through of how the base was done.
The light that I use here isn't led, it called EL Light. 

What better name to give Kämpfer beside Kämpfer Amazing? 

It a very interesting light set up and I am glad it work out fine with the help of Jonathan Wong Aka Landel from Sggs

That it for all the wip I have till date.
I had learn alots from this project.
Meanwhile, stay tune as I will be uploading the complete kit soon.


  1. lovin your work man

  2. you have successfully destroyed my pants sir. awesome work.


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