First of all, thanks to Poison Monkey Toymaker and Waylander together with HAG/HAW for making this GB possible for all of us. Mechaman and Enterpise for the extra foods to fill up our empty stomach. This is by far the best GB we have, we have door gift, 18 unique JESTA entries, a few consolation prizes, 5 merit prizes, top 3 prizes and best of all... 1 photo booth. haha But yeah, I think most importantly we all get to meet up with follow hobbyist and learn from one another.

without further a do, here are all the entries.

very interesting design here

Good attempt and courage to pick up new skill.
Keep it up my friend. :)
I like the royal feel of this kit, purple and gold.

My entry, more photo here.

Another highly kitbash entry with a BFG on it back pack.

My buddy Black and White Jesta.
I like the concept and how this two kits are suppose to work together.
Black is range while white is a meele unit.

The paint job here is pretty good, something that I have yet to focus on.

The hand painted camo on this kit is really nicely executed.
Plus I think she is one generation younger than me. hahaha

Best paint job by Wilson

Last but not least, here are our top 3 for the JESTA GB 2014
This guys here definitely deserve the top 3 spots, the amount of details, finishing, concept and overall presentation have won the voters and judges hearts. 
Well done guys.

3rd place Melvin

2nd place Enterpise

1st place Mechaman 

Some of the latest works from our host.

Waylander himself wasn't able to make it but his presence was here. haha

Toymaker's Jesta and PG Strike Gundam

Now, it time for me to take a break, clear my room for a proper work area and start my engine again after CNY. wooooooo hoooo...

After the end of GB event.
So I heard there is a mid year competition coming? Hmmmmm... don't think I will join...
However, I heard there will be a group build for Zoids organize by PM and HAG... Hell yeah!!!


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