Jesta GB - Jesta Evolution

I can say much except for how exciting this project was for me.
For every group build that I joined I always try to do something that I had never experiences or do before.

It all started out with a simple Jesta mix and match
 And then things went a little bit crazy and started evolving 
Which finally end up with this result and title

My direction for the base was simple, I just want to show some kind of a movement, force or action instead of a static base. 
Personally I felt that I had make lots of mistakes here, but the lesson I learn is the workflow require to get this base ready and better in future.

Wire amateur, follow by clay sculpting and adding of the mech base.

So that it... very excited to check out what the other modelers have done to their Jesta tomorrow and there is one particular Jesta that CANNOT BE MISS which is WAYLANDER's Vicious Angel
Simply amazing with the amount of details and there is even a back story to tie up with his previous monstrous Morrigan. Poison Monkey never fail to impress us with their kits, just too good.


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