GBWC 2013 Finals at Japan

Congratz to all the winners and it was a pleasure to see everyone and their kit in person.

For now, here are some of my thought that I have when I got the chances to check out the winning kits in person.

video boardcast of the event.

GBWC 2013 World Champion 1st place
Japan - Shunpei Yamauchi
The Ultimate Mobile Suit of the Universal Century

That the only thing I can say for when I first saw Shunpei Yamauchi san and his kit. 

The craftsmanship for this build is flawless. There are basically no room for error here, even the base is nicely done up when you look at the real thing. 
Here is a link to his WIP to see how amazing is it for yourself. 

Shunpei Yamauchi san setting up his display

GBWC 2013 World Champion 2nd place
Malaysia - Ronnie Phoon
Hafumaru(Wind Breaker)

I didn't know that it was so huge and he sure have the balls to do something very different compare to what most modeler will do. Taking a risk is never easy, but doing something that you like and enjoyable is what keep you going all the way till the end. 
I like how Ronnie play with his color, details and the layout of the entire kit.

GBWC 2013 World Champion 3rd place
Korea - Son Young Seok
The last exchange

This entry here is the biggest of all, it basically use up the size limit that we given and there are just so much story going on here. If you pay attention and look at the kit, you most probably be attracted to the core fighter first which will direct your eyes up to the tank and down to the arm and back up to the fallen bridge which bring you back to the core fighter. 
Each area have it own character and they all have a role to play in order to complete the whole picture. 

Next we will take a look at the Junior Champion. 
Time was very pack during the event so there was lots of time spend to look through every jr. kit in details. Unfortunately, I wasn't even able to take much of them too as they will starting to clear the area and move us to the next program. 

 GBWC 2013 World Jr Champion 1st place
Hong Kong - Choy Chi Kit
Forgotten "The Red Comet"

Haha, this is actually quite a funny kit to look at. When I first saw it, it was pretty flat from the front view but as I went closer to look. I notice there was lots of minor GM or Guntank surround the Zaku. It kinda of reminds me of Gulliver's Travels.

 GBWC 2013 World Jr Champion 2nd place
Indonesia- Vincentsius Obert Fernando
Yamata no Orochi

A well balance bash with details added to some area. It interesting to see how the Gundam raise it hand slightly up to control the snake and I like how the snake is done up too.

 GBWC 2013 World Jr Champion 3rd place
Taiwan - Jenson
Sneak Attack

First look, it was the base that caught my attention. It interesting to see how he add thickness to the mecha base and the QanT was well painted and decal.

Overall, I had learn some personal lesson in term of thinking and the trip have help me better understand how I should treat this hobby.


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