Bearguy III - quick review

Okayyyy... so what the big deal with this latest kit we all see in Gundam build fighter call the bear guy.
Well, I don't really have anything to say about it in the anime beside the sleepy eyes... but I do have a few thought to share regarding the kit.

I have never build the 1st bear guy that was release in 2010 and I never really want this kit at first.
However, X'mas is getting closer and I thought I should do something simple and cute as a gift.
So, I bought the bearguy and it turns out that it isn't as plain looking as it is.
There are a few inner detail for the limbs, and the articulation is not that bad for a cute looking model.
I recommend this kit to anybody at any level because there are just so much things that can be done to this kit alone.
You can take this kit to learn a few things like shading, candy/metallic tone, kitbashing, scribing on curve surface, revealing of inner frame and so much more.

Here are some of my pictures after painting it.

What I meant by inner details.

Just look at the sole of Bearguy, the details is screaming for you to mask them. :P

A little curvy and blocky outer frame waiting for some one to scribe them.

Everything on.

More details for the arms.

Smooth and curvy outer frame for the arm.

Everything on.

The plastic for this ribbon is pretty flexible, I guess it the same type of rubbery plastic we see in beam saber or Wing Gundam wings, it still paint-able though.  
It just requires some masking on the vent areas.

After taking the tape off.


 Are you tempted yet? Cause I am tempted to get another 2 more... LOL
Put LEDs into the eyes... shoot lasers... pew pew pew
The head is a interesting one, it allows you to change the face plate, open the mouth and rotate the ears. Plus there are some stickers for some lovely expressions. I use the eyes sticker for masking here.

Haiz... scratch some part by accident. :(
LOL, the seam line at the legs are so obvious. :P

The box art or Aile Strike pose.

That it, the paints I used for this kit(forgot to add Gaia star bright gold).
Next thing to do is to pack this bear up in a nice box and give it to my mum before Xmas... hehe.
This kit deserve a second chance to be build again in the future with more effort put in.

Hope you guys find my simple progress useful. I will find some time to take proper picture of it within a week if time permit.


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