GBWC 2017 - Cardinal The Light Bringer

After 3 years, this kit is finally completed. The sense of achievement as compare to my older work are on a different scale. During the process, I had learn quite a number of technique and better understand myself as a person. 

The ideas started out with this images; the Buddha look. I switch between design very often to see what is the best for me. I really love this design, but there were areas that are not well blend and I am not happy to show it. Thus, the skirt is back to it original position.

Time to share some photos.

I have to thanks a few people who have contributed in this build.
My mum for understanding and giving in to my selfish needs. Supporting and encourage me in small ways that allow me to give in my best.
My girlfriend for her patience when my time are stretch due to work, study and hobby commitment.
My gunpla buddies who have been with me since day one: Edwin, Zong Wei and Chun Da. Now our buddy group have increase! Hope it continue to stay as a healthy group... LOL.

Honest feedback and suggestion from Eday, Toymaker and Leon Ku. They are my inspiration whenever I hit a wall. It was a great opportunity when we get to meet Eday during Tetsujin 2017, learn a great deal from him. 


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