GBWC 2016 - Singapore

This year, Singapore GBWC 2016 is hosted at Ngee Ann City. The competition was announce right at the beginning of the year stating it will be in June but unlike past event, the turn out seem to be rather disappointing. 

From the top, you will be able to view the overall set up of the event. Coming in from the front, you will be greet by a huge display of Garden by the bay with 2 PG kit and a mega size. 
Follow by the gallery of entries for GBWC and a display of grand daddy RX 78-2 together with some blown up hobby tools. The rest are products that are on the shelf ready for purchase and display of current and upcoming kits.

Moving quickly on to the main topic. 

Game of throne gundam edition. Winter is coming.

The recent release Freedom Gundam V2.0

Pardon the poor photography.

I actually have the same idea as this person too! 

I kinda like how this kit is being position behind the wall. 

Nice weathering on this Zaku kit.

Those honey comb patterns are real wire mesh overlaying the kit.

Is that sword from bleach?

Remind me of SG50 theme.


The details on this Qubeley is pretty well done.

Here are some kit to stay and look out for.

This Barbatos entry doesn't have fancy kitbash or hardcore detail, but what caught my attention was the paint use for the black portion of the kit and the diorama. Pose is good but can be stronger if there was a object for BBT to focus on rather than trying to reach for it weapon. I can't really tell it doing a beach landing cause it flying toward something while reaching for it weapon. I still like what is being done here.

This entry stops me to think about myself, why me? Why am I always the one to getting to do the crap, lol!
Just look at the innocent looking "eyes" on the Dom.

A Japanese warrior theme on a Rick Das is pretty well done. Of course, it could have been better with dio and stuff but we all know the time limitation. Still, it make me stop just to look at how the details are being done up.

This year, there seem to be quite a number of Unicorn/Banshee.

A HGUC Banshee Norn in it awakening mode, I feel the composition of it is simple enough to bring out it essence. 
Done by GUNDAM verNCD

Another black Unicorn kit, it took me awhile to realize this kit isn't falling down but it meant to be pose in this manner. There are no contrast in this kit or the base which makes photography a pain, but observing it for a while and you will notice the hardwork behind this entry. 

It hard to notice but the modeller build a see thru cockpin at the chest area. With addition of all the other modification, I am just curious why this modeller choose this pose.

One of the bigger entry this round, while most of the focus here is on the missile, let not forget about the other characters in this scene. We have a GM, gera zulu, a FA Unicorn and a modify mech name "God" 
Coming up with a scene with proper layout isn't easy, let alone coloring it with the idea of lighting. 

Entry by Wilson other wise know as DarkBlitz.
Well, this is what happen if Unicorn goes deep striker mode. 
This kit would probably stop everyone to stare at it and ask how rich this guys is or what are the part he use. haha. 
None the less, the effort and hardwork behind this entry is still deserving of something.

Now onto the last 2 entry that make me feel my trip worth it.

All Nature Terrain - ANT
by Jaef Liang - GBWC 2015 Open Champion

I do not know him personally, but to me Jaef is a veteran modeller that like to explore and try different things. Looking at some of this pass works, it reminds me of how one person willingness to keep learning new technique or style. He never fail to join any GBWC unlike myself, which is another point that I look up to. 

WA-Peace Rider
by Benjamin Wong - GBWC 2012 Open Champion

Again, another modeller that I do not know at all. The first and last time I saw him was in GBWC 2012.
And now after 4 years, I am lucky to see another work from him. Creative and cute in it own manner it feel like a oriental fairy tale. 

I hope I didn't miss out any of the entry and do drop by the expo if you have the time.
It from 1st June to 26th June 2016.
All the best to all modeller.


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