GBWC 2015: The Beast of Possibility

This build is by far one of my favorite, having spend so much time and effort to work on it. I am glad I manage to complete and learn so many new things for GBWC 2015. Unfortunately it not up to my expectations as there are still mistakes that I could have avoided. Looking forward, I can only continue to learn from my mistake and do better than this.

Check out the creation process here.
2 - Sketches 
3 - Realization of ideas
4 - Modelling - 01
5 - Modelling - 02 
6 - It all about the base

I started visualizing my version of Full Armor Unicorn Gundam last year jumping around different grade but finally picking on HG just so that I am able to deliver that vision I have in my head.

Keeping the essence of Unicorn Gundam wasn't easy, there were time I wanted to kit bash parts that will make the kit look bigger and meaner. However, the mobile suit isn't about massive destruction, it's about hope. The hope for a better future and the search for the truth behind Laplace's box. Paying attention to the design & story, I  custom the kit so that it is still believable after Episode 7 is over.

The idea for the dio was for Neo Zeong to fell upon a asteroid  kicking up the dust cloud. Some shading was apply but I felt it could been better show with appropriate weathering.

That it folks, I hope you guys enjoy this kit as much as I did.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my friend Edwin Lin for all the bromance moment when I was down.
Not forgetting my gf for being simply the best person in my life who supported and encourage me in almost anything I do.
Lastly my mum for every single thing that she have done.


  1. Superb effort bro. I think u must have enjoyed the full process of the custom build. Very thorough concept, trial to fruition process and i think your design background as a profession helped a lot too. Enjoyed your wip and final art piece.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. What a tremendous atmosphere!
    Excuse me, but would it be okay if I share this piece with my blog?

    1. pardon the delay in reply. u r welcome to share. :)

  3. What a tremendous atmosphere!
    Excuse me, but would it be okay if I share this piece with my blog?


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