GBWC 2015: The Beast of Possibility - WIP-06

Presenting my entry in a different approach compare to what I have done previously.
I design the base that is related to Unicorn Gundam itself.
The base is in such a way that the top piece can be remove for working , and some inner support to handle the weight. 
Psycho frame idea in mind, lights are able to shine thru the clear green acrylic. I didn't place any LED inside, cause I assume the exhibition case will be similar to last year GBWC where by the lights are shine from the bottom. I have no idea how it will looks yet, but I am looking forward to see it first hand on the actual day itself.
I seriously hope we are using the same exhibition shelf as last year. LOL :P

After detaching the top layer from the base, I mask the edge of the top piece with cupboard to prevent leaking or bleeding. 
As usual, I block out the situation with Styrofoam and wall putty following up with White glue + water + new paper combo.

I continue to add more Styrofoam the next day for blocking until I am satisfy with the result.
I start applying clay and sculpt out the shapes of the rock before apply cement on most area to get the rocky texture.
Unfortunately, I was unable to capture the photos for this section as  I am in a rush to get it complete before the pre-register deadline.
What you see here is the final raw dio before I start to paint it.

Painting take almost 3 week to complete. Which sadly I am unable to share the progress since I am in a rush again. T_T
Once the paint it done, I remove the mask and clean up the edges before slotting it back into the base.

That's it... more to come...


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