Petit'G Guy Group Build - HAW groupbuild

One month ago, Toymaker and HAW announce the next group build to be Petit'G Guy itself. 
And for the first time, the gallery room was use for the GB. 
There enough space for movement, the room was kept cool even with the it pack with participants. 

Speaking of which, we are honored to have some of our neighbor modellers to join us for this gathering. Becky, Shermen, Raymond and Renny, thanks for dropping by today.

Now back to the GB... I felt that all the participants did a great job when it come to creative ideas.

Soooo... let's go through the entries!!!

My buddy here Mr Chua Zong Wei decided to go hardcore and whack out 4 petit'G Guy. Yup! I say FOUR cause the 4th one is the one at the background. Haha

Ryan's Ironbear with his facial hair shave and clean. Looks 10 years younger!

Becky's Miao Zai, a PLA-ZONE mascot.

Dominic KageMusha's 金轮法王. Did the baby panda just witness it "dad" got smack by the bear? LOL

Chun Da's orange bear. Orange looks good on the bear too.

Mustaqim's mable bear

I AM GROOT by Dee Chen

Wei Hao's Musha bear


Jeong aka Mechaman's Ironbear

haha another Ironbear but with a companion by Samuel.

Jay's Beardrobium visits Cloud Cookuland!

Joon Kiat's Bear's anatomy... love the idea and details of this entry. 

Sherman's Miao Zai mascot for PLA-ZONE. So cute.

Crab bear by Terrick

Kill'la Kill by ExhysToModel

Last but not least

Hellbear by Winston

So after the votes are cast and some close examination by the organizer,

Here are the Top 10! Clap x 3


Becky with special guest appearance! Jayden!



Chun Da

Fang wasn't present during prize giving. Hehe!


Joon Kiat

Dee Chen

Congrats to all the winner! You guys deserve something for that 1 month of hardwork. As for the rest, hey we got door gift! lol

Now that the GB is over, it time to shift over focus to GBWC. 2 months left to go, wish everyone all the best, focus on getting the basic right, do everything swee swee (nicely) and I look forward to seeing you guys again in the next gathering. 


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