MCON III - M WORKSHOP and Tamiya Stargek

Well this is my first time visiting MCON and it very different from other event like GBWC.
The displays are open for all, spacious for people to walk around (after 7pm), there are signage to inform you the category and warnings, security to ensure no clown trying to be funny with the open displays and lastly, lots of entries from tanks, planes, cars, figures and sci-fiction.

I have to say that the overall quality of the entries were great, I enjoy observing some of the tanks and figures as these are some areas I have yet to touch on.

Because of the overwhelming entries and a low batteries camera, I wasn't able to capture every single work piece. I heard there were some incident or accident since it open display so the security was very strict on how close I was to take the photos, so sadly I can't really shoot much close up shot. :(
I guess you will have to drop by for a better look.

This is my favorite of all the entries simply because of the workmanship and dedication to make this piece look so complete. The composition, color, lighting, environment and details at every corner are fantastic. Really wish to take more close up without getting caught... lol... 

Alright, the rest of the photos are here but I might have mess up the class/category. 



Planes and ships


Armour vehicle!

Huge tank!!!



This is pretty interesting, there is a switch by the side for you to press.

Another beautiful and peaceful looking piece. haha...

Resin figures, cars and other model kit.

That wrap up my trip to Mcon III. 
I wish all contestants of Mcon good luck in the event and more importantly, the entries are safely return to their owners.
For those who have yet to visit, here are some of the information. 


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