Star Build Strike Gundam - HAG Group Build

This kit is meant for HAG Back to Basic Group Build. It focus is on the kit itself, tackling the foundation of scale modelers. The kit were limited to the current anime series Gundam Build Fighter.
This is the second kit that will partner Build Burning Gundam for the Group Build.

I have no intention of doing 2 kits knowing that I should spend the time to work on my cg art but Build Burning Gundam was enough to satisfy my modeling need. I took a while before deciding to get a second kit that is more challenging in the area of masking. 
The main kit itself was normal but the Universal Booster was the killer...
With a quite a number of details on it, seam line being in the middle and all molded in one color, it is enough to get me excited all over again. 
 Now here are the images of the complete Star Build Strike Gundam.

The inner frame was painted with Gaia star bright iron and coat with Gaia fluorescent gloss coat. The gloss coat will react under the uv light giving the RG system effect. 
The wings are painted with Mr. Hobby rough silver coated with Gaia fluorescent blue.
The rest of the effect parts are painted with Gaia silver and top coated with Gaia fluorescent pink/blue/green.
Primary color on the kits are painted using Gaia colors and a pre mix of enamel grey.

That wrap up my build for both kits within a month or so. Thanks for viewing. 


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