SD Neo Zeong GB @ HAW

There wasn't many entries this time but I felt like we spend quite a long time together sharing the methods and creative process. I guess maybe because the group was smaller it's easier to open up and share, at least for me... haha. 

Wait... what that at the back?

Huh? Rabbit? Wrong channel bro!... lol

Going the extra mile with door gift. A wall magnet.
Thanks Kai Seng.

Let's go straight into the kits now.

Coca Cola Neo Zeong.

I like how he customize his own decal for his entry.

It empty... we checked...

Peeka boo I see you!

SD Neo Zeong Yoko Custom
my entry, didnt take much of it... 
You can check it out here for more photos.

Neo Zeong Doll's cosplay by Giovi

I can't stop looking into her eyes.

Next is Neo Zeong 00 Raiser by Tom.
I like this design and the effort put into it but there definitely alot of area for improvement. It remind me of my first age GB with HAW, alot of flaws but I really learn alot at that moment. I hope it the same for him too.
Looking forward to his next kit.

Champion Neo Zeong by Ryan. 
The gold was using Tamiya Spray can, thought it was good except for some patches. 
Lol, that SD trophy is cute lah. There was even some weight to it. 

I think he was the only that painted this details underneath the armour. 

Last by not least...

White Sazabi Neo Zeong by Ryu Tan
Lots of minor detail around this kit. I was kinda drew into it by the color.

Well since the group was smaller, there was plenty of opportunity for some demonstration by Toymaker.

Ultrasonic Cutter demo

Scribing panel lines

Panel lining

That's about it, pretty relaxing day for a GB. Great to meet some new friends sharing the same hobby.
Hope to see many more new faces for the next GB.


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