Kämpfer Amazing - Gundam Model Kit Contest 2014

It has been a month since the last submission date and finally, we get to display our entry for Mid year... wait it no longer called mid year... it now Gundam Model Kit Contest... haha

Aside from improving on my skill, my secondary objective for this build was to make Kampfer Amazing AMAZING. 
I want it to be an upgraded version of what we see from the anime, not just a kit by it self but as an overall presentation. 

Check out the Wip before you enjoy the kit. :)



When the lights goes off...

Summary of work done on Kampfer.



  1. man oh man! dang choco you rootin' for another trophy again? :P

    keep it up!

  2. Disproportionally elongate legs... check.

    Keep arms short... check.

    Make sure torso is short that you can barely tell if it even still has a torso thanks to the disproportionally long legs... check.

    That mech dun got "Katoki'd".


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