Jesta GB wip-01

With a new deadline given for JESTA Group build organize by Poison Monkey, I decided to put in more effort to make sure the time extension is not put to waste.

Well, my original plan was to do something really very simple because of my oversea reservist in Oct. Below is what I did just before I left to serve my country.

I have to say that I was pretty bored as I was rushing to get it done and there was no enjoyment during the process. However, when the news as mention earlier on was announced, I decided to reopen the box and start doing something.

I started adding minor detail here and there for a warm up.


I kind of like this design but some how I feel it could be much better, so I went to bulk up the shoulder.

Some close up of the the kit's details and random kit bashing to get the idea out of my mind.

And that it for this round of WIP. Hope to update the list in 1-2 weeks time.


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