Back from oversea ICT

Finally, I am home... It been a present reservist for the past 2 weeks that I can't talk much about it. However, I would like to share some of the experience I had at Rockhampton.

What I like most about my trip were the moment where the sun rises up and settle down.
In just 5 to 10 mins, the sun start to paint the whole landscape. 

The moon is the brightest light source at night.


The only thing that I see before I sleep and when I'm awake. Zzzz...

There were free internet usage at the canteen but it is horribly slow... 1 page took 5 min to load.

Some wildlife decided to pay us a visit during our training. 
The flies there look like bees and they are huge.

We also visited their heritage village and Zoo as part of our RnR.

It was a small Zoo so there wasn't lots of animals, I guess the main attraction there was the Kangaroo and Kola bear.


The Kola bear just keep sleeping and he just doesn't want to face our camera,
so I went to take a photo of the notice board... LOL

Finally, it wake up and started to entertain us.

On our way back we saw this wasp pulling this dead spider from one side of the road to the other. I am not a fan of bees and wasp so this to me was creepy.

How can I not pay a visit to their hobby store... haha.
Anyway, it not really a hobby store but I guess it the only toy shop in the town that sell alot more toy compare to departmental stores.
What you see is what they have.

So that all, I hope there won't be a 2nd time where I need to attend another oversea reservist.
Now I need to recover from the fatigue and get back to work in a week time. 


  1. Is JJ Bar still there? Hehe?

  2. don't know leh... it was a mon night so most of the pub was close.


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