Zoids GB - Shadow Fox Vs Geno Breaker.

Finally, after a long period of time working on a few kits concurrently I manage to get both kits out in time.

Some introduction before we check out the images. The GB is organised by Toymaker and the gathering is at the usual spot HobbyArt@work this coming Sunday, 19th May at 2pm. So if you guys are interested to know more about the builds do drop by and check it out.

I believe there will be quite a hand full of interesting builds this time around as compare to the usual gundam build you normally see... haha

The numbers of parts a kit have is already quite overwhelming to some let alone the details on them. The prices of it isn't cheap too compare to bandai but I felt you are getting what you paid for.

The 1st build I did was Shadow Fox. It was a pretty simple build and the poseability was not bad. At least it was able to capture most of the pose I have in mind. Another fun experience for me was the detailing of this kit, I am really impress with it and can't wait to try it out again on the next koto model.

The 2nd was Geno Breaker, this kit was massive. When I first crack open the box I was like... jaw dropping speechless... you can see why is it so here ---> runner review
Did I mention you are getting what you paid for.

I felt like I was really very sadistic to work on 2 zoids kits at the same time but I can't help it... I am just too excited about the build.

The poseability for this kit is pretty limited, there isn't any dynamic pose you can give to this guy beside playing with the scissor shield to make it look majestic, other than that it just a simple straight body with a fun tail to play with.

I shall let the pictures cont the talking for me...

Thanks for viewing. :)


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