My thoughts after Gunplanatics GB 2013

First of all, I wanna thanks the Gunplanatics committee for organizing the GB and HAG for letting us use the space for the gathering.

Secondly, congratz to all winners from being lucky to putting in the effort and a job well done.

Here are some awesome coverage of what happened that day.
ToymakerWaylander and Mecha-man

Now for some personal thoughts and maybe just some self-reflection after talking to Joyce towards the end of the GB. Been thinking about this for a few days.

Ever since I starting this hobby, it really just about enjoying the process, learning new things and having a great time meeting up with people from different background but here for the same event.

Winning an award wasn't really my objective as I feel like it is just a bonus. Why? Because what can the award give me? Pay increment? LOL... make my ego bigger? I kinda like having the prizes though (Greedy hehehe)...

However I do feel that this hobby is here for a reason, a work life balances, improve my observation skill, give me more reason to stay at home and lastly... being happy.

So what have I really learn from this GB.
It's no longer about just enjoying the process or learning new things but from now onwards, any kit that I build will be of a quality build and I am going to push myself to make it happened.

The biggest achievement I got wasn't about getting the Best Newcomer for GBWC 2012, I was really happy but the greatest feeling was being able to display my kit at HAW with the permission from Sam, Joyce and Eric. That feeling was priceless and I wish to continues having this priceless feeling again and again.

Finding a work-hobby-life balances will be interesting since I am also pushing myself in the digital artwork and of course, family time.

So stay tune and let see if I can keep to what I promise myself to do.


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