Gear Zulu (Angelo Sauper use)

So right after my reservist I was in a dilemma whether or not to build a new kit to take part in GUNPLANATIC GroupBuild.
I initially wanted to use unicorn gundam age-2 to take part but thought it will be better that I build a new kit for this GB and keep the Unicorn for SGGS gathering.

The moment I saw Geara Zulu, the first thing I plan to do was to do a weathered mobile suit. Did a few research here and there regarding weathering a model kit but what excited me most was the use of Color Pastel to do the shading, the oil paints for washing/stains and lastly apply baby powder (mixed with color paint) onto the diorama.

Turn around

close up

Some wip pics.

Thanks For viewing.
CnC are warming welcome. :)


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